Verlaine is a hunter. He was duped by Evangeline but never again. Fool me one, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

A body appears bearing the idenitity of Evangeline. So you can imagine Verlaine's suprise when Evangeline appears back in his life. She asks for his help. She presents him with an decorative egg. Before thwy can figure out what the egg is about, Evangeline is kidnapped.

I can remember reading Danielle's first book, Angelology and liking it. Liking the book enjoy that I wanted to read the second one. I jumped right in on Angelopolis and before I knew it I was flying through the book. It is such a quick read. This book was way better then I imagined it would be. In love with Verlaine. He is one hot human. This is one of the things that I enjoy about this series is that the male lead is the human and the female is the bad angel. Even though Verlaine and Evangeline spent most of the book apart, I know that they are destine to be together. Even if it is to Verlaine's demise. Evangeline has cast a spell over Verlaine mroe then he wants to admit.

I learned more about Evangeline and her kind in this book. I can not wait to read the next book and see the show down between Evangeline and Verlaine. Which I am looking forward to. Both Evangeline and Verlaine are growing stronger. Another thing that I found cool was that this boko was split into small sections and each section was titled different themes most involving the seven sins. As much as I did have an enjoyable time reading thsi book and learning more about Evangeline. I do hope the next book had more action and maybe a fight or two.


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