The Tragedy Paper is a definite must read.

Duncan is a student at Irving. Duncan is a senior this year. As part of Irving’s tradition, the graduating seniors leave a “treasure” for the next senior who will occupy their room. The treasure can be anything ranging from a bottle of bourbon, a snowman kit, or Cds. In Duncan’s case, it is a stack of Cds. Although these Cds are not just your normal music Cds but recordings of Tim’s story. Tim was the senior prior to Duncan. Tim is giving Duncan his subject for his tragedy story. All students are given an assignment to write a tragedy story. A story where the hero has a tragic event. Duncan starts listening to Tim’s story. The one where he meets Vanessa and his life is changed forever. O-M-G! My reading year for 2013 is starting off with a big bang in a good way. The Tragedy Paper is a definite must read. I was spell bound by this book. I picked this book up and by the time I put it down to take a breather and go to bed I was already half way done with it. I woke up and finished the book. Just like Duncan I could not get enough of Tim and Vanessa’s story. Every time that Duncan would take a break, I would yell a silent scream “No”. So I was glad when Duncan did not stray long from listening to Tim’s Cds. I knew something tragic was going to happen involving Tim and Vanessa but I could not predict the truth. It was sad. Tim may have been the awkward misfit but I was cheering for him the whole time. Again, I can not say enough about how good this book is. You will just have to pick up a copy for yourself to really experience what I am talking about.


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