The Gates of Paradise

I have to admit that I am not a faithful fan of this series. However I have read several of the books in this series. For this reason, I never felt a strong connection to the characters but I was still curious to see how this series would end. For me, I found Mimi, Kingsley, Bliss and Lawson’s stories the most intriguing. The rest of the characters were alright. Schuyler who I thought to be a main character was disappointing to me. She was uninteresting. She did not do much during most of the book until the last third of the book when she was helping with the battle and faced with a decision.

Which the last third of this book seemed to go by really quickly. Not to say that the rest of the book was not a quick read as it was but it was more of a steady pace. The last third of the book being done so quickly had pros and cons. The pro is that it was quick and there was action. The con is that it was quick. The build up to the end of this book and knowing this book was the end of the series did not have to go by so quickly. It could have been savored a little more. A sad but happy ending to this series. I look forward to what Melissa has in store next.


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