Five Days of Fear

Review by Nancy For a first novel, Mr. Kovach has rung all the bells: mystery, romance, terrorism – you name it it’s in there! In a fast moving tale of kidnapping with many off shoots we worry over Angie Britton, well-meaning, loving grandmother, mother and wife who overhears something she shouldn’t and gets tossed into a van headed out of town. Her youngest daughter, Jessica, is determined to help the FBI solve the puzzle whether they want her to or not. Dan Hamilton, FBI Agent doesn’t mind jessica’s help. In fact, he’s kind of liking it since she is the most beautiful person he’s seen in a long time. Jess has some good ideas and Dan is running with some of them but his co-agents are trying to keep him out of trouble of the romantic kind while the search is going on. Meanwhile, Angie is traveling East with a co-terrorist who only considers her a complication. One he can well do without if necessary. She has managed to leave a clue here and there if someone is lucky enough to find them! There may be a bomb planted in San Francisco’s business district somewhere but Dan’s team has too many projects and too little time until the come on one of Angie’s clues. Do they make the deadline? Do we find Angie in one piece? Do God and Cupid conspire to put Dan and Jessica together? This book puts you in the middle of the action and doesn’t let go until it’s over.


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