The Summer of Angel is a book of courage, love, miracles, and a happy ending.

I wanted to read this book because my sister has three boys and two of them were born premature. The oldest, Alexander “Alex” was born three months early. My sister like author Sola had preeclampsia as well as due to this experiencing kidney failure. Alex was delivered via c-section. Luckily for Alex other then having to stay in the hospital for about another three to four months and having heart surgery, Alex did not experience all of the other things that Angel went through. My sister’s second son, Gabriel “Gabe” was born three weeks early. Lastly my sister’s third son, Matthew was born full term. I can remember seeing pictures of my dad holding Alex in the palm of his hand. He looked so small. His diaper was like the size of a tissue. I did not know that they made diapers that small. Now my sister’s boys are growing and you can not tell that they were born premature. Alex is 9, Gabe is 8, and Matthew is 3. So reading that Sola went through with Angel, I could relate with my sister. However, Angel’s situation was ten times worse. Angel is a fighter. She fought to stay in this world and she did. I am glad that her story has a happy ending. Sola’s second child, Lani was also born premature but he did not have as much problems as Angel did. I am with Sola that it is very important that all pregnant mothers do everything they can to make sure that they stay healthy and have a healthy baby. This means going to all appointments and telling your doctor if you experience anything out of the normal. Even if you think it is just a little thing. The sooner the doctor can catch it the better. The Summer of Angel is a book of courage, love, miracles, and a happy ending.
Book Trailer: The Summer Called Angel by GWExtra


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