Haunted Moon will not let fans down!

Strange things are happening all over in the grave yards. More unusual then normal. Camille, Menolly, and Delilah are on the case. Someone powerful is behind the strange happenings as the sisters barely survived with their lives. They learn exactly who they are dealing with. It is Gulakah, Lord of Ghosts. As if the Lord of Ghosts is not enough, they also come face to face with Bran, son of the Raven Mother and Black Unicorn. In order to stop the Lord of Ghosts, Camille and her youkai-kitsune husband, Morio participate in a dangerous ritual that will bring them close as well as thrust them into the world of the dead.

I just love this series. The D’Artigo sisters are some of my favorite characters. Each one separately are good but together they are great. In the Haunted Moon, Camille is the main focus once again. In this book, readers get to see more of Camille and her transformation as a priestess. The sex scenes involving Camille and her husbands are really steamy. I have come to love all of Camille’s husbands. I do not have one favorite as they are all unique in their own way and they all mush so well together. The Lord of Ghosts is not someone that I would want to tangle with. The D’Artigo sisters had a good battle on their hands. At least they got one more seal. Now they almost have them all. The ending was a good one. Haunted Moon will not let fans down!


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