The Can Do Duck and Doctor Duck

In honor of National Children’s Book Day on April 2nd, we interviewed “Ducktor Morty”, author of “The Can Do Duck” book series. These motivational books focus on building self-esteem, confidence and positive attitude.

Morty, a child psychiatrist, and his wife, a child psychologist, began writing these books 10 years ago with the help of their 2 children, who assisted with some of the book illustrations. They self-published the books by making copies at Kinkos during the first years of publication. Today, they have sold over 10,000 copies of “The Can Do Duck”. These books have been used in schools and reading programs all over the US.

Morty’s real claim to fame (just kidding) is his ability to read “The Can Do Duck” while uni-cycling through his neighborhood! Thanks to his “Can Do” attitude, Morty successfully unicycles to the top of the steepest hill in his hometown.

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