The Bracelet

Abby Monroe needs to get away for a while. Especially after her boyfriend, Eric moved away and left her. Abby signs up to assist the UN. Abby is going for a morning run while on her last day in Geneva before she heads to Pakistan. While on her run, Abby hears a woman and a man arguing. The next thing Abby spies is the woman tumbling over the balcony to her death. All Abby can remember is the bracelet the woman was wearing on her arm. It was encrusted with lots of shiny jewels.

Abby travels to Pakistan. Abby can not get the woman or the bracelet out of her head. Abby meets Noah, a journalist. Abby’s boss, Najeela is hiding something.

This book held promise and had my attention. There were both pros and cons to this book. Of course, the negatives were really very minor. For example, I felt that Abby was a bit stiff in the way she presented herself, mean towards Noah, and naïve to the true horrors of the country she was residing in. Ok, so the last item about Abby I can forgive. I mean this is part of the reason that the author wrote this book is to help share great awareness of the horrific act of “human trafficking”. Readers may have heard about human trafficking but to be honest no one really know the full extent. Human trafficking is like a way underground dark secret that people are aware of but turn their backs to. Luckily I have never had to experience this act. However, the more that I learn about this subject the more that I am intrigued to help out being awareness to others to assist. It does not happen just in other countries but in the United States as well.

It was just that since Abby was working for the UN, I thought she would be a little familiar with human trafficking. Noah was a good character for me. He has the strong personality to put up with Abby and he was a go getter. I was cheering for him that he would bring down the bad guys. Najeela and her carefree attitude did get annoying after a while. The romance between Noah and Abby did not have me totally convinced. Not after how harsh Abby was to Noah when she did not even make an effort to get to know him first.

This book had a good, steady pace. I like that the author tackled the subject of human trafficking and I thought that Roberta did it in a nice presentation.

Author Bio

Roberta Gately, author of The Bracelet, has served as a nurse and humanitarian aid worker in war zones ranging from Afghanistan to Africa, about which she wrote a series of articles for the BBC World News Online. She is also the author of the novel Lipstick in Afghanistan.

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