Victoria Christopher Murray scores a perfect melody with Destiny's Divas!

Raine, Sierra, and Liza are Destiny's Divas. They are a singing group. Although, they are a little different. As they don't just sing but also preach. Sierra preaches to women about virginity. Raine was a former superstar singer and then she found her calling with Destiny's Divas. Liza is the wife of a pastor. These three women look to rise to the top. The only thing that can stop them is murder.

This is the third book I have read by this author. I just love her. She really brings to life her characters. She usually writes about strong women with a faith in God. My favorite was Raine. She had a lot to really fight for with her mother in law when it came to her daughter, Nadia. Old traditions mixed with the technology world of the present. I knew what Raine's mother in law's intent was when she was refering for Nadia and the procedure she wanted to do to her. I felt sorry for Nadia. I had read this tradition in another book. It is a terrible thing.

Sierra, I did not care for much in the beginning. She was a user of men and yet she wanted to pretend what she did was alright. It was not alright and as Sierra learned in the end as it bit her in the butt.

Liza, I did feel some what sorry for but not 100%. Sorry that she did not see the signs sooner when it came to her husband but not sorry when she did learn the truth but she did nothing about it right away.

Although, these three women are very different, they worked well together. I like how this book was set up. Each chapter was a different voice of the women. THis helped to allow me to really get to know the women better. The ending was a good one. Victoria Christopher Murray scores a perfect melody with Destiny's Divas!


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