Perfectly Ridiculous

Daisy is excited. She is about to start her summer vacation, prior to her journey to college. Daisy will be spending her summer with her friend, Claire and her kind of boyfriend, Max. There is just one problem. Ir Daisy wants to qualify for her scholarship to college, she will have to do some missionary work. Problem solved. Claire and Daisy come up with a plan. Daisy is joining an exchange program in Argentina to do her missionary work So argentina just happens to be the place that Max is at. It is not all about Max. Daisy's parents are about to forbid Daisy from going until they learn that the missionary that Daisy will be working for is called Hands of Love. It is managed by an old friend of Daisy's mother. This excits Daisy's mother so much that they tell Daisy she can go on one condition... they come with.

I really tried my best to get into this book but I couldn't. I had to give it up. I thought Daisy was self-centered. Her parents while they meant well were smothering. I mean, could they not just give Daisy some personal space. I thought, I could look past it all but even Daisy's journel entries were a bit whiny. Of course for the teen readers, they may not have a problem with Daisy or this book. They can probably relate better to Daisy than I was able to.

“Available July 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”


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