Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the World: A Novel

Review by Nancy

Karen Neito was, until about age 8, a totally feral child. Oh, she lived in the house along with her mother and the cook; but Mom wasn’t entirely stable so, Karen took care of herself. Until her aunt found her one day after Karen’s mother had driven off a cliff.

The first word she learned was “ME”. Over and over again she said it: ”Me, me, Me mE, ME…..” until she got it right. Then she tried “You” with her aunt but that was confusing to her. How could she be You one second and Me the next? IQ testing proved her an imbecile but somewhere in her wiring existed an autistic savant: she could do nearly anything but annoyed the hell out of everyone while she did.

A failing tuna cannery inspires her to help and that she does, creating innovative ways to increase production. Not to the thrill of many, may I add.

An interesting book. A copy to post on your wall. What I am assuming is a first novel by one of Mexico’s finest playwrites. It confused me at times, angered me nearly all the time but, at the end I have decided it tells a tale of poverty, riches and how Karen Neito may have overcome it all.

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