Morgan Hall

Review by Nancy

Christie Morgan was one lucky gal. She had one man who adored her unconditionally, one man who wanted her for what he could obtain and one man who acknowledged her presence but was employed by Morgan Hall a great estate, and wouldn’t cross that line. Anthony, the first, was sort of a “shirt-tail relation.” They’d been friends since childhood and, while Christie too him for granted, he truly did love her. Tristan, estate dark, dreary and inhabited by some very odd servants’ was a handsome man but Christie had some reservations – he made her uneasy. Jonathan was the gameskeeper and handsome in his own right but, as I said, wouldn’t cross the line.

When she begins seeing/hearing things everyone is sympathetic but writes it off to her “feminism and dreams” when, in fact something is there. More than one and they want Christie. She nearly drowns in her bath tub, wanders off into the forest, visits the estate’s chapel which she is frightened to death of. While there, she hears children singing and sees the past of one of her ancestors being beaten and losing a hand. When she comes to, it’s Christie with the bruises!

Holidays are spent at Anthony’s home in London. They have a lovely time but Tristan is making his play and, surprisingly, Christie is falling for it. Does she make the right choice? Who are the children she keeps hearing? What of Morgan Hall and its occupants both human and non?

This tale by Bo Briar is well written. Christie is a bit of an odd-duck because throughout the story, I kept thinking “you idiot! What did you do that for!!??” A tale of England, ghosts bad humans and ghosts and, I think, a morale in there as well. Not a very long book, but it seems that way while I was reading – a lot of story in few pages. It read like a Victorian novel and was quite good


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