Mr. Scobie's Riddle

Review by Nancy

This book has been justly compared to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. No Nurse Ratched - but we do have a Matron Hyacinth Price of the ineptly run St. Christopher and St. Jude nursing home. She and her “employees” are taking care of many elderly residents while happily bilking them out of their money is the process. Mr. Scobie is so much smarter than they, more learned than they but due to his piano teaching skills and his young students has ended her anyhow. He has “issues” with the place, the help and especially the food.

Not that all the residents don’t, believe me they need to be very afraid. There is an interesting episode where all the resident’s dentures are thrown together in the sink for washing: then they run around trying to match them back up to their owners! If you are considering facility care for a member of your family you probably shouldn’t read this!

The book begins with letters gong back and forth between Matron Price and Night Nurse Shady. Some of the funniest material I’ve read and someone needs to script this one quickly! I have most of the rolls cast in my mind already: with Tommy Lee Jones possibly as Mr. Scobie and Matron Price actually could be played by Louise Fletcher, it would be wonderful!

The late Elizabeth Jolley was quite a prolific author and one of the best in Australia until her 2007 passing. This book will show you why.

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