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Book 6 - Whispering Mountain Series

Twenty-five-year-old Rose McMurray may be beautiful, smart, and capable of running her adopted family’s ranch at Whispering Mountain, but she’s backed away from marriage three times without giving any reasons. Everyone thinks Rose is a coward, afraid of any adven-ture, including falling in love. She’s never done a single wild or reckless thing in her life...until now.

Talking with Jodi Thomas

When I began writing WILD TEXAS ROSE, I felt like I was going home. My footprints were already molded into the foundation of this Historical Romance. I’d been thinking about these characters for years and finally it was time for their story. All four men in this story were damaged by the Civil War but all were going on with their lives believing they’d always be alone. This book is about friendship that always stands fast and how the love of a few women, good or bad, can change a man’s life for the better.

This is my 25th Historical Romance, my 35th book and I’m still having a ball. I think what I love most about writing is discovering the characters and letting them tell me their stories. Like breathing , no two people are alike.

In WILD TEXAS ROSE, Rose McMurray is one of those wonderful people who is always organized. I hated her and loved her instantly when she walked off the pages of TALL, DARK AND TEXAN as a little girl and I understood her when she stepped into this book.

Duncan, on the other hand, lives his life in the moment. Never planning. Never realizing what he truly needs. At the wedding of Rose’s best friend, they discover a plot that could get many people killed and join forces with others to fight.

In WILD TEXAS ROSE I loved writing about Rose and Duncan McMurray because I saw them as children in an earlier book called TALL, DARK, AND TEXAN. Though they were both adopted into the McMurray family, they grew up needing to know the other was near.

Sometimes people fall in love and sometimes it grows slowly over time. In WILD TEXAS ROSE I had fun looking at all the ways love comes unexpectedly into one’s life.

Come along with me and fall in love.

Jodi Thomas


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