The Renegades

Review by Nancy

When you read about Afghanistan it’s always heart-breaking, but when you get down and dirty with the extremists, it’s more than that. A group calling themselves The Black Crescent is out-Talibaning the Taliban in that they are kidnapping young boys from desolate villages and turning them into walking bombs. Into this step Lt Col Michael Parsons and Sgt Major Sophia Gold – he to advise Afghan pilots and she to interpret.

Of course it doesn’t stop there, Parsons and Gold always go far past their jurisdictions into emotional involvement with their advisees and the family of children taken. Sophia’s Pashto calms many confrontations and get them much needed intel on the Black Crescent and their hiding places.

This is my second Tom Young book and, as usual, I was caught up in the emergency of the situation, of the children being used as bombs and of the care that Parsons and Gold have for one another. I’m sure there is much more there than was written. An exact telling of put together bases, impromptu plans and human lives at stake will keep you up nights reading and nights after worrying about the children, their parents and their world.

If you like this tale, go back and pick up Young’s two other books: The Mullah’s Storm and Silent Enemy. I guarantee you won’t be sorry!

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