Aspen 2-Million Winner-Take-All

Review by Nancy

Want a book to laugh your way through? This is it! The Aspen 2 Million……is one of the most amusing stories I think I’ve ever read – and that’s saying something. Morgan, God bless Him (and, believe He needs to!) has been accused of several very bad things by his next-door-neighbor, Risa. Let’s see: He killed her dog (well, not really); he set her house on fire (nope!), he made the roof on her side of the Chalet Sepp collapse (not even close). The sum total of the list is that she is suing him for a load of money he really doesn’t have. Thus his participation in the Aspen 2 Million…… golf tournament.

Morgan’s best buddy and lawyer Justin convinces him he will lose and lose badly if he fights the charges, bogus though they may be. Morgan has three choices: Make Risa fall in love with him; blackmail her with one of her deep-dark secrets; become an over-night millionaire. None of these are likely to happen so Morgan, self-help guru that he is, decides he needs major improvement in his golf game – and quick.

Add to this his 2 ex-girlfriends, Risa’s psychotic cousin Robbie 62 other golfers in the tourney and the fact that somehow Morgan and Risa actually have kind of fallen in love. Not that anyone cares at this point. Except Morgan and Risa who starts screaming at him anytime he brings up dropping the lawsuit.

This book is hysterical! Buy it for yourself and a gift or two for beach reading friends. Yep. It’s THAT good!

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The Aspen 2-Million Winner-Take-All Summary

Morgan thought he had it made. He owned a cozy if dilapidated house in Aspen’s otherwise-fashionable West End, had lots of friends, a great business, threw the best parties in town.

Then his beautiful-but-aloof neighbor Risa sued him for a million bucks-- for killing her dog. (Seriously. And he hadn’t even been there.) She was asking the judge to throw him out of town, too. (It’s a local tradition.)

For Morgan, the money didn’t matter. He didn’t have a nickel to his name. But he couldn’t imagine not living in Aspen.

His only hope: to win a 2-million dollar golf tournament (held on the sly at the local links) and pay Risa off.

Either that or discover her deep, dark secret and blackmail her.

Until his best friend/lawyer suggested Option #3: “Why don’t you just get her to fall in love with you?”

John Morris' Bio:

John Morris lives in Aspen, Colorado, with his loving wife and two wonderful children. Having worked many of the same cowboy / construction / bartender / ski-patrol jobs as his fictional counterpart Morgan, he can vouch for how easy it is for a good-looking guy to get in trouble there.


Price: $6.99

Pages: 281

Release: May 10, 2012

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