The Officer Says I Do

Review by Nancy

Take a Captain in the Marines on leave in Vegas. He always takes care of his buddies and lets his own fun go by the wayside - he was surprised as hell. Skye came out with her friends to enjoy the evening, she didn’t plan on it. He didn’t plan on winning HUGE at 21. She didn’t plan on kissing him and neither one of them planned on…….getting hitched in the middle of the night.

Tim O’Shea and Skye Meadow McDermott were as opposite as it comes. She grew up on a commune with her parents and eats organic and vegetarian all the way. Tim was raised a Marine, loves meat and hunting some. When the realization that they were married hits his (in the form of his new wife and his waiting for him when he gets home) things aren’t as he imagined. His CO’s wife is a by-the-books, never wear bright colors, support your man and the Corps Military Wife. Skye doesn’t stand a chance.

A great story told with humor, lust and fear of mistakes both large and small. Can this staunch crew cut guy stay in love and lust with the hippie from Texas? And can aforementioned hippie bend enough to keep her man? Both are Honor Bound to try. A great book for the porch swing and lessons here to be learned as well.


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