Paul Levine and the SOLOMON VS. Lord Series Giveaway

Mr. Levine has reissued all of his books in Kindle editions. In celebration of this, I have a copy of the first book Solomon VS. Lord to giveaway (ebook edition). Leave your email address and a winner will be picked on June 5th.


In creating his main characters, Levine relied on 17 years practicing law...and his three marriages. Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord are combative Florida lawyers who love/hate each other and can't agree on "good morning." But life sizzles when they're together and fizzles when they're apart. A Coral Gables blueblood, Victoria plays by the book. A Coconut Grove beach bum, Steve ignores the rules in favor of Solomon's Laws. Together, the two make a surprisingly good trial team, although there's always the chance they'll kill each other while the jury is still out.

Solomon vs. Lord: Trial lawyer Victoria Lord, who follows every rule, and Steve Solomon, who makes up his own, bicker and banter as they defend a beautiful young woman, accused of killing her wealthy, older husband.

· The Deep Blue Alibi: Solomon and Lord come together – and fly apart – defending Victoria’s “Uncle Grif” on charges he killed a man with a speargun. It’s a case set in the Florida Keys with side trips to coral reefs and a nudist colony where all is more –and less – than it seems.

· Kill All the Lawyers: Just what did Steve Solomon do to infuriate ex-client and ex-con “Dr. Bill?” Did Solomon try to lose the case in which the TV shrink was charged in the death of a woman patient?

· Habeas Porpoise (formerly titled Trial & Error): It starts with the kidnapping of a pair of trained dolphins and turns into a murder trial with Solomon and Lord on opposite sides after Victoria is appointed a special prosecutor, and fireworks follow!


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