Strike: The Hero from the Sky

Review by Dorothy

High school is a place of wondrous and dramatic events for most teenagers. Being a Senior makes that all the more exciting and fearful. After all your life will forever change after graduation, right? What to do, go to college, get a job, or coast for a while are the most difficult choices to make, right? But what if things do not work out that way and you wake up one day, someplace unfamiliar and scary; and you are pretty sure that you are going insane?

Strike: The Hero from the Sky takes us on an exciting rollercoaster ride in another world. A world where you are chased by T-Rex like lizards and evil robots, just because of who your father is. A world where your best friend is a 6 foot talking, beer drinking Siberian Husky. A world that shows you that you are no ordinary teenage boy, but a true SUPERHERO, like your father before you.

I truly was not sure about this book, after all alternate worlds have been done over and over again. However, Charlie Wood’s book not only starts from a different view point, but takes you on a journey that every teenage boy and a few girls, would love. After all what boy would not love finding out that they are the son of a Superhero, much less that they are also a Super Hero? I found this to be a truly enjoyable book and recommend it to any and all, especially if you have ever dreamed of being a Super Hero!

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