Soft Target

Ray Cruz was a Marine. He is trying to adjust to cilivan life. It is Christmas time. Ray and his friend, Molly are shopping. So are tons of other people on this day. People ae in a jolly mood and children are having fun sitting n Santa's lap, telling him their wish list. Suddenly, a shot is fired. Santa's brains go splattering. Soon people start to realize what has happened and panic arupts. People go screaming. More shots are fired. Terrorists come out from every direction. They gather people up as hostages. Ray, Molly and several others are hiding in a store on one of the upper levels. Ray knows that he must do something to try and stop the terrorists before the mall ends up a slaughter house.

Soft Target is book one of the Ray Cruz novels. Ray was a stand out in this book. His military back ground helped him in this situation. He was cool under pressure. While, I did like Ray, it was not enough to sustain me into really liking this book. The opening scene of this book when the first shot was fired and panic ensued had my attention and I could feel the intensity levels get high. Although, they were short lived. The terrorists were alright. I kind of grew tried of all of the polictics that were brought into the story. There was a lot more dialogue than there was action. The ending I felt was a bit of a let down. There was suppose to be all this built up hype about why the terrorists invaded the amll and killed all these people and when the reveal was made and the master mind behind it all was uncovered, the big climax moment was over fairly quickly. This book is a quick read.


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