You have nothing to lose but yourself in a good book with The Hunger Angel.

Leo Auberg was just seventeen when two policemen went from house to house with a list. They were rounding up people to take them to a prison camp in the Soviet Union. Leo traveled by train to the camp. Once there, he spent five grueling years in the camp. Although, Leo did not know it yet, he would have a companion with him. HIs companion would be known as the "hunger angel".

Ms. Muller is a profilic writer. She described in much detail the hunger that Leo was experiencing. I wuld have to say though that the "hunger angel" felt more like a shadow or demon then an angel. The "angel' was always around Leo poking into his brain or teasing him with the many layers of hunger.

Leo started out on the quiet side but as the story progressed, he became a strong voice and good narrator. Speaking of good voices, I thought that Philip Boehm did a nice job of translating Ms. Muller's words on page in English. This is not an easy task. I have read several books that have been translated and you can tell there was a struggle. Not to say that the translator did not do a good job as there is a fine line between trying to translate the author's story and not take away anything from the story. With this book, I felt like nothing was missing from the story and in fact, I agree with some of the other readers that the story read poetic at times. This book is worth your time and money to check out. You have nothing to lose but yourself in a good book with The Hunger Angel.


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