Eversworn: Daughters of Askara

Review by Dorothy

When a dying breed of people discovers a new source of the one mineral that enables their women to get pregnant as well as stay alive during and after a pregnancy, the fight is on. Factions of one kind or another with of course the rich and powerful getting into the mix for their own purposes; it makes you wonder if there is anyone you can trust. Throw in magic and demons and alternate worlds along with slavery, exploitation, plots, subplots, a large dose of male ego and a woman’s need to save her child from her plight and you have Hailey Edward’s Eversworn: Daughters of Askara.

Eversworn takes us on a journey with Isabeau and Dillon. Isabeau has a secret that she cannot allow to be reveled even to the man she wants to spent the rest of her life with. However, one person knows her secret and is using her to gain what he most desires, more wealth and power, while promising to release her from slavery and to return to her the one thing she would die for, her daughter, only when she does what he wants! Dillon, a wounded male Evanti demon, finds that healing from the wounds he received during an attack on the mining operation he is sworn to protect is not so easy when he realizes he is in love with his healer, Isabeau. Will Isabeau do what she is told to do to get her hearts desire, or will she be stopped and forever lose her daughter and the demon she has fallen in love with. Will Dillon be able to stop the plot meant to destroy everything he has worked for as well as lose the only woman able to claim his heart?

While I am not a fan of romances, I did find this to be an interesting variation of this genre. I had requested and received all of the books in this series and recommend that anyone who wants to read Eversworn: Daughters of Askara should read the other two in the series first. While not fully necessary as the book does stand alone very well, there are references to the other books that can be confusing to anyone who had not read Everlong or Evermine. Eversworn has a wonderful plot and rhythm and I was pleasantly surprised with the book and found it to be a good read. While I did originally think this was going to be a fantasy book, the intimate details added to the story line left no doubt that this is a romance book. For those of you who like fantasy and romance you get both in this well written book.


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