Never Knowing

Sara Gallagher has knew she was adopted and wondered who her parents were and why did they giv her up. Sara decides to search for her birth parents. Sara's fiance, Evan backs Sara up.

Sara finds her birth mother but she wants nothing to do with her. Sara learns the truth. Her mother was the only survivor of the Campsite Killer. Sara's birth mother may not want anything to do with Sara but her father does and he is reaching out to her.

I was excited to read this book after reading, Still Missing. While, this book was not as good, it was still an ejoyable read. My biggest problem was that I felt the story moved slowly and it could have ended about a hundred pages less than it ended up to be.

Again, I did like the concept of the main character, Sara talking to someone as the story unfolds. It makes me feel more involved with the story and the characters. I wanted Sara to have more depth. What I mean by this is that she kind of just went with the flow and did what the police told her to do. I wanted her to actually freak out and scream to show that she was human. I did agree with Sara's dad that I felt that she was being mean to Evan. He was just trying to help and she wanted nothing to do with him. The ending was not as shocking as you could see where it was leading to. Still do like Mrs. Stevens's writing and plan to check out her next book.
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