Strange Flesh

James has a niche for finding people. His talent as a skilled hacker helps. That is why when his ex, Blythe Randall has come to James. She needs the best. Her brother Billy has gone missing. Billy is also a genius. He has created a virtual gaming world known as NOD. It seems that Billy has literally taken this new world too serious as he has disappeared within it.

I picked up this book with no expectances of whether I would like this book or not. The concept of it was intriguing. A virtual game world filled with sex, revenge and another alterative virtual world within a virtual world.

I was not prepared for what awaited me between the front and back cover of this book. James had the brain smarts. He would pick up on hidden clues fairly quickly. I tried several times to figure out where Billy was located at the same time that James would figure out clues but I finally gave up and just went with the flow.

For me what really drew mw in was the virtual world…NOD. This is not like the Sims. No in this world, you make one fatal move and you could end up dead. The videos of the deaths were like something I would see in the Saw movies. This book also had elements of the movie Lawnmower Man. The gory moments were far and few between and short. So for those with a weak stomach, don’t worry as you could still get through this book with out having to run to the bathroom. Strange Flesh is spellbounding, twisted, evil, and intriguing!


Monie Garcia said…
Sounds pretty good. Thanks for your review!!

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