Eyes of Justice brings some hard hitting punches and answers back!

Cassidy is a crime reporter. She was just finishing up before she joined her friends, Nicole, FBI Agent and Allison, federal prosecutor for dinner and drinks. Cassidy receives a hot tip. It involves her ex and dirty cops. Cassidy agrees to meet the caller. It seems that Cassidy is on to something as the hot tip turns into something bigger than the Triple Threat group can handle alone. They relay on help from Private Investigator, Olivia.

Eyes of Justice is book four of the Triple Threat books. I was hooked by this series when I read book one, Face of Betrayal. I have grown to really like Cassidy, Niicole and Allison. It is like I am an honorary member of their group. After the bomb dropped in this book to the Triple Threat group, I was momentary shocked. I had to re-read the scence to double check that what I was reading really happened. This does not typically happen to me in a book that I get this invested with the characters or series. These books are quick reads.

I thought that the Triple Threat group did a good job of banding together. The action was non stop. The break out star for me though was Olivia. She was smart as a tack and quick on her feet. She brought a new prospective to the group and I liked that. I felt that Olivia was the one that solved the mystery and Allison and Nicole were kind of along for the ride. I hope that she does stay and she would make a good addition to the Triple Threat. I can not wait to read the next book. Eyes of Justice brings some hard hitting punches and answers back!


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