Between You and Me

Logan has just celebrated her twenty seventh birthday. It was not anything to really cheer about. Logan kind of has a boring life. This probably would explain why she does not think twice when she receives an offer she can not refuse. Logan's cousin, Kelsey is a celebrity. She is going to join Kelsey on tour as her assistant. Logan will be in for the ride of her life.

I was intrigued to want to read this book. When I read the words Britney Spears, I admit that caught my attention. This book did not keep my attention. I wanted to like it more than I did. I probably could have liked this book better if most of the other characters did not rub me the wrong way or were more exciting. Logan started out a mouse but by the end of the book she had grown into a woman. Kelsey, I actually felt sorry for. I did not expect to as I thought she was going to be protrayed as self-centered but she bleeds like the rest of us. She was lost in a world of purple haze. For anyone who thought being a celebrity assistant sounds like fun, than you should check out this book. It is not all fun and games. In fact it can be a thankless job. The only real perk that Logan got was that Kelsey was her cousin and she did meet a nice guy. Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus do make a good duo. They write seamlessly that I can not tell where one ends and the next one picks up the story.
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