Check out The Lifeboat before it sails off the book shelves!

The year is 1914.

Grace and her newly married husband, Henry boarded the Empress Alexandra. They were heading from the Atlantic to America. Things were going well until the cruise liner starting sinking like another famous cruise ship, the Titanic. Henry saves Grace and ensures that she gets a seat in a life boat. This is just the beginning of the rest of Grace's life.

Some of Grace's boat mates include John Hardie, one of Empress Alexandra's ship mates and Mrs. Grant, a bossy woman. As each passing day goes by, some people will die. Who will be left? Grace survives but what she has to experience afterwards, she may wish she had died in the ocean.

I was entralled by this book. Grace was such a good narrator. I fell for her as a person. This is very important in a story like this. Where there is not a lot of action and the whole time the characters are stuck in a boat in the middle of the ocean. The story has to be character driven. Which it was. I actually did not care so much about Grace and Henry's story and how they met, so much as I did the current story, where Grace was trying to survive in the life boat. It was like I was sitting next to her in the boat. Charlotte Rogan. did a good job with her first book. I will be keeping an eye on her. Check out The Lifeboat before it sails off the book shelves!


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