Mickey Boltar is fifteen. His father died in an accident and his mother is getting professional help. This leaves Mickey under the care of his Uncle.

After Mickey was walking to school, he passed by the Bat Lady’s house. An old woman, who lives on Mickey’s street. She says “Your father isn’t dead”. Before Mickey can question Bat Lady about her comment, she disappears back into her cave (oops I mean home). Mickey heads to school. The only two people Mickey becomes friends with are Ema and Spoon. They help Mickey to find Ashley. Will Mickey find Ashley and learn what Bat Lady meant about his father not being dead?

I was not aware that Mr. Coben was venturing out into the young adult world. I have to admit that I was not that impressed with this book. Though, I did finish the book, it was not because I enjoyed it. It was for the pure fact that I kept hoping that it would get better but it never did. The story line and characters seemed like they were under developed. I mean, I never really got to know Ashley and why Mickey felt such a strong connection towards her to want to save her. There were a lot of questions but not many answers to them. Like Mr. Coben was afraid that if he reveled too much, he would give away the story. There was too much mystery surrounding the characters. It was like someone telling a ghost story. I hope that some of this will be more polished in the next book. The ending was ok. It was kind of supposed to be a cliff hanger and get you excited for the next book. Well, no book two for this gal.


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