Horse Dreams

Ellie James is in the fourth grade. She is obsessed with anything horse related. She is constantly getting caught day dreaming about horses in class. Maybe that is why when Ellie spots a real horse, no one believes her. It was shaggy and covered in mud. When Ellie gets home, she tells her dad about the horse but he also does not believe her. Ellie’s mom arrives home and informs the family that her day went well until she lost a horse. Will Ellie’s dream horse become a reality?

Horse Dreams is the first book in the Backyard Horses series. This book is a quick, enjoyable read. This book is the perfect read for a young girl ranging from ten to twelve years old. The chapters were short and the writing was simple without being too wordy. I liked this because I know that having read some books to my nephews that younger children have a short attention span, so if the book is not quick than they will lose interest fast. The font was something that I noticed instantly. It was about a fourteen point font. Large enough that a young reader could have no problems reading this book by themselves. The title of each chapter was spelled out and shown underneath the word in sign, so that you knew how to say the words in sign language. At the end of this book is a glossary of horse terminology as well as the alphabet in sign language. So this book is not only one that you can read with your daughter but is also educational.


Unknown said…
I don't know a single 12 year old girl that doesn't love horses.

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