Kitchen Counter Cooking School

I have to admit that while I did find this book educational at the same time it was like I was reading a text book. Mrs. Flinn is good at explaining techniques and the why but it is the why that can be overwhelming. For example if Mrs. Flinn is referencing to something and has a foot note to add , which goes with a word or even an ingredient that you might not be familiar with than she will go into great detail in her foot notes. I understand the need to maybe explain these things in depth as this book is really geared towards what I felt were like the layman person or basic cook. Again, not saying that there is anything wrong with this but I was wishing to learn more than just the basics. Of course, I did enjoy learning how to properly butcher a whole chicken. I now shave some new yummy rubs to try on chicken. Also, I appreciated that Kathleen did an update chapter on all of the nine cooks that took her cooking boot camp (which is what I am going to call it


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