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I read the first two books and loved them. I enjoy hearing about when Mabel was a little girl just as much as Arleta does. The best part of these stories is the lessons that Mabel learned. Things like stealing is bad from Windfalls, you can not believe every advertisement from Face Cream from Godey’s Lady’s Book and dogs can spell in The Dog Who Could Spell. In this book, I get to know Mabel’s best friend, Sarah Jane better as well. They were always getting in trouble. Mabel maybe just a little more as she was a bit of a tomboy and not afraid of heights. So she was always climbing trees and running her good dresses.

In Treasure from Grandma’s Attic, Mabel and Sarah Jane are older. Thus, so are the stories. The stories are not so carefree but also start to touch on issues like dying, crushes, and deceiving to name a few. Of course, I still liked reading these stories. I just felt a little sad that Mabel and Sarah Jane were growing up. I know that they had to but in my mind I will still picture them as little girls playing dress up.


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