A Lancaster County Christmas

Jaime Fitzpatrick needs her prescription refilled. Mattie Riehl, her husband, Sol and their son, Danny are on their way to visit with the doctor. It is in the waiting room that Jamie meets the Riehl family.

Mattie and her husband Sol are hoping that the news the doctor tells them will be good as Mattie could really use some. Unfortunately the news is not good. It has been four weeks since Mattie lost their second child. The doctor tells Mattie that she and Sol can hope for a miracle.

As Jamie is leaving the doctor’s office, he asks Jamie to return a toy that Danny left. Jamie and her husband, C.J. are heading out of town to Jamie’s father’s house for Christmas. On the way out of town, Jamie makes a stop at the Riehl’s home to return Danny’s toy. Jamie and C.J.’s plans quickly change when Jamie forgets to put the car into park and it goes into revenge into a pong. Now Jamie and C.J. are forced to stay with the Riehl’s until they get their transportation issues fixed.

A Lancaster County Christmas is the perfect holiday gift! I thought that this was a light, heart-warming book. Danny was my favorite. He is an inquisitive, energetic young boy. He was so bubbly and friendly. Though, he may have got in the way or said things maybe at not the right time, he helped. I was undecided about whether to like Jamie or not. In the beginning, she seemed bitter and was a mystery but as the story progressed, I warmed up to her and C.J. Sol us a great husband to Mattie. This book is not just a holiday story but the characters do have to deal with some difficult issues along the way.

“Available September 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”


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