Nocturne is a book that you will want to read curled up in a blanket sitting by the fire.

Nicole Whitcomb was attending a ski themed wedding up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She decided to stay one extra day to hit the slopes, one last time. The radio reports that there is a huge storm approaching but Nicole should be at the airport before it is near her. Nicole is driving, when she hears a loud crack like the earth splitting and than a bunch of snow comes tumbling down the hill at Nicole. She runs off the road.

Michael Tyler is a hermit He was outside when he heard a car and than the avalanche. Michael lives out in the middle of no where, so unless he rescues whoever would be crazy enough to be out in this weather than it will be a long time before help arrives. Michael takes Nicole back to his cabin.

Nicole awakens to find herself stuck with a mysterious stranger. The roads are closed for several days. That would not be so bad if Michael did not have a secret that could kill her.

To be honest I had no idea that this book was a vampire novel. Not that I am complaining as I still would have read this one but I was expecting it to be more of a mystery type story. I enjoyed this book. Nicole and Michael were good together. For a story that takes about forbidden love, the romance was mild. Though, as I was reading this book, I could not keep from comparing Nicole and Michael to Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast. This is the type of love and relationship that best describes what Nicole and Michael shared. At times the story seemed to move in slow motion and I wanted it to speed up. I mean, there is only so much you can do and talk about when there are just two people in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and the one person keeps avoiding the other person. The ending was the best. I like that it was not the typical ending that you would come to expect from a vampire story. Nocturne is a book that you will want to read curled up in a blanket sitting by the fire.


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