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Davina Montgomery is no ordinary English lady. She’s been locked away from society, her true identity the Crown's most closely guarded secret. Until a shocking betrayal--and a bold rescue--land her in the arms of a fierce Highlander, firstborn son of a powerful Scottish laird, Robert MacGregor.

Five Fun Facts1. I realized yet again while writing Ravished by a Highlander, that a king plays a vital role in all my books. It began with William the Conqueror from my Risande trilogy. There was no ruling sovereign during Laird of the Mist but the MacGregors’ fate and proscription were the work of a king sixty years prior. Briefly, we met King Charles II in A Highland Never Surrenders, and in my new “Children of the Mist” series, King James has just been crowned. I don’t know what it is about kings, but I find myself always writing about them. Don’t even get me started on King Arthur.

2. I love to match my characters’ faces to real ones. Lots of authors do. A little quirk I have though is that, if the characters are related in my books, the faces I choose for them have to all resemble one another. Even if those faces are different for my readers, for me, they have to fit and be believable. Matching the MacGregors’ and Grants with their sons and daughter was especially fun. You can check out some of my characters “pictures” on my Fun Facts page at

3. Speaking of the real faces that have shaped my heroes and heroines, the beautiful Matthew “Jett” Schaefer, pilot/model/actor was the inspiration for Rob in Ravished by a Highlander. Sadly, Matthew passed away while I was writing the book. I didn’t know him, but he had become Rob for me and the tragedy of his death made it difficult at times to write Rob’s story. I thought about changing his face, but instead I researched Mr. Schaefer and discovered how well his family and friends loved him. He was a pilot and did Air Ambulance medical evacuations and Angel flights. He was a true hero and a determined warrior, fighting cancer until the end. I couldn’t think of a better man to be the face of Robert MacGregor.

4. The terrible proscription against the MacGregors had been lifted and most, not all, of their rights returned to them after the restoration of King Charles II. During the writing of this series, the MacGregors were not outlaws. That made this author happy.

5. A few mini-facts about me: 1) I come from Italian heritage on both sides, but my dad’s surname is Scottish and not Italian as everyone first believed. 2) I am what my Catholic characters would call a Protestant. 3) I would rather write a battle scene than a sex scene. 4) I fell, quite unexpectedly, in love with Finlay Grant in Ravished by a Highlander. 5) I go through three pairs of iPod headphones during the course of one book. (I either lose them or break them. A pair once fell into the toilet.)

Courtesy of Anna with Hachette Book Group. I am giving away 5 copies of this book to US and Canada only. NO PO Boxes. Must be a follower and spread the word about this contest.

Winners will be chosen June 10th.


mountie9 said…
I adore the cover and the title of this book alone, but the story also sounds good too

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Marianna said…
I am loving the abs on this cover! I def wanna give this book a try!


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Little Tesoro said…
I'd love to be entered!

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Steve Capell said…
I found your review to be intriguing and one that I think I would take pleasure in reading.

Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.

sue14625 said…
Paula Quinn has quite and imagination and the cover is very nice to look at
Cait Braxton said…
I'm a follower and I'd love to win the book, Cheryl.

Love the blog.

Thanks for the contest, Cait

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