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It's Time for All to Learn: Public Schools Are Archaic

Veteran educator and author Dr. M. R. Ussery points out that since the Boston Latin School opened up in 1635, teaching methods haven't changed much. Unfortunately. His revolutionary book outlines his plan for improving our schools by implementing a modern educational system from the ground up.

Bremerton, WA - May 24, 2010 - Longtime educator Dr. M. R. Ussery today announced the release of his book Public Schools Are Archaic, published by Outskirts Press. Dr. Ussery gives an insider's view of the reasons for the obvious failings of America's public schools, despite the monumental technological changes in the society, and offers a specific plan for bringing our schools into the 21st century.

Dr. Ussery believes that traditional school environments are not as effective as they should be, nor do they provide equal opportunities for all students. Without individualized instruction, tailored to meet each child's needs, many students are falling through the antiquated cracks of our educational system.

In today's high school classes the author notes that some students are lacking the preparation necessary from their previous education to be successful at their new level.

Other students just do not want to be there. Worse yet, few students can voice any purpose for studying the course they are on. Unfortunately, sometimes the teachers can't, either.

The model school the author proposes in Public Schools Are Archaic would include regular diagnostic testing to establish each student's cognizant strengths as well as individualized instructional modules with flexible design which would allow individual students to work on those assignments best suited to their current abilities.

Dr. Ussery recognizes that solutions must also be put into effect on the federal as well as the local level. He recommends that federal public servants no longer use their positions to override states' rights in determining the best paths for education, but support the one local reform that is most needed: pilot schools.

About the book:

Public Schools Are Archaic by Dr. M.R. Ussery

ISBN: 978-1-4327-5805-9

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Date of publish: April 30, 2010

Pages: 69

S.R.P.: $11.95

About the author:

Dr. M. R. Ussery has a PhD (EdD) in Educational Technology and has taught elementary and secondary school and adult education classes. He has written more than a hundred scripts for informational and training films, has served as writer, director and producer for most of these films, and has received more than a dozen top national awards for his films' excellence.

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