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New book: Into Protection by Terry Chaudhuri

Detroit, MI - May 17, 2010 - Into Protection, Terry Chaudhuri's sensational debut thriller takes an intriguing look into the life of two crime-fighting friends and the adversities they face in their pursuit for justice.

.his take on the Witness Protection Program alone, is unique enough to set this story apart from other crime and mystery novels.

.I enjoyed reading it. It has a nice pace, and the mystery entangles the reader. Derek Shepard, a young energetic police officer, vows to avenge the murder of his father and bring to justice a notorious crime lord. With the aid of his childhood friend Jimmy, now a top FBI agent, he begins his mission. Though driven by one purpose, he soon succumbs to the same dead ends his father faced before him. When hopes of an arrest are fading fast, a strange encounter takes place and starts Derek down a path he never imagined. He accidentally falls in love with Rebecca, the wife of the very person he is hunting.

As the romance heats up, so does the danger when Rebecca sees more than she bargained for. Soon after, their affair is no longer a secret and they in turn become the hunted.

With threats of corruption, they exhaust their only option, Jimmy and the protection of the FBI. Jimmy is reluctant to accept them into the program, but Derek's persistence wins out. He distances himself from Rebecca in hopes of keeping her safe, but the danger increases when he finds out that the witness protection program is not what it seems.

The stakes are now raised, as Derek must race to find Rebecca before his enemies do. He faces much resistance and doesn't know who can he trust. His attempts to find Rebecca seem hopeless until he uncovers some essential clues. The only problem is that he needs Jimmy's help to piece them together. Now Jimmy is torn between what is right and what he has become.

Derek's judgment gets clouded as his emotions begin controlling his decisions. He starts toying with ideas that he would have never considered before. His final decisions lead him to not only a showdown with his enemies, but also to the hardest decision of his life.

He must now make one final choice, be with the woman he loves or convict the man he has sought after for the better part of his life.

About the book:

Into Protection by Terry Chaudhuri

Publisher: Schiel & Denver Publishing Limited
ISBN: 978-1-84903-028-1
Publish date: Feb 2010

Pages: 242

S.R.P.: $11.99

About the author:
Terry Chaudhuri holds a degree in Management Information Systems and works professionally as a Systems Engineer. Chaudhuri's writing style has a nice pace and has a way of entangling the reader. His first full-length release, Into Protection, is a prime example of this and is not an easy book to put down.

Chaudhuri is a member of the Michigan Writers Association and stays active in his hometown by teaching computer classes through community education.

Chaudhuri currently lives outside of Detroit with his wife and two children. He is currently at work on his second novel and looks forward to expanding his writing portfolio.

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