Mara's Flowery Arrows


Padova, Italy - May 24, 2010 - Does a mysterious manuscript, discovered by chance in the library of a Burma's monastery, contain the oldest thriller story of Southeast Asia literature?

In the far east of the Indochina peninsula during the Ninth Century A.D., Prince Asaka fights against the intrigues of the Khmer Court. A prince of the Court, son of the King, is found assassinated: why omebody would want to accuse a poor slave unjustly of such an important crime? Our hero, also involved in the crime, first as owner of the slave as well as more directly, manages to extract himself and to identify the true culprit, thanks above all to the help of two friends, one of whom, a wise old Hindu, reminds us of the figure of the western investigator, part Sherlock Holmes and part Perry Mason.

Twists and turns are abundant in the story; and in the final hearing, although according to the canons of Anglo-Saxon law the development of the latter is unusual, we do find the Public Prosecutor and the Defense Attorney, with abundant cross-questioning ante litteram of the testimonies, documentary proof as well as circumstantial.

This novel is not a classic thriller, but rather a mixed genre of police, adventure and spy-story. The xotic scene (the far east of the Indochina peninsula), the anomalous period generally unknown to the
Western reader (the Ninth Century A.D.), and the erotic vein present throughout, makes this book a quite unusual reading.

About the book:

Mara's Flowery Arrows by Siam's Unnamed

ISBN: 978-1450515535

Publisher: CreateSpace

Date of publish: Feb 21, 2010

Pages: 254

S.R.P.: $13.00

Note: Electronic and hard copy versions are available to interested reviewers. Please reply to this e-mail if interested and state your preference and mailing address if you opt for the hard copy. Thank you.


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