The pains of Getting In

For Nora being a mother was the easy part. Preparing her daughter Lauren for the SATs and helping her find a really good college was another story. Nora didn’t realize there were so many different factors to consider in the equation like…hiring a tutor, distance versus notoriety of one college over the other. All Nora wants is for her daughter, Lauren to be happy and get into a good college. SATs, ACTs, grants, loans…all these things are Greek to Nora but she is willing to try her hardest to study up on this stuff for Lauren’s sake.

Getting In started out funny and enjoyable but towards the middle and end, I found that I didn’t really care about what happened to most of the characters in the story. They were kind of self-centered. Of course this could be attributed to being obsessed to get your children into a really good prominent college. After seeing and experiencing what these families and children had to go through, I am glad I was never got this worked up about getting into a really good college. Luckily reading Getting In, you don’t have to worry about there being any prep studying required like taking the SATs.


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