Wicked Becomes You

Gwen Maudsley has had enough of being stood up at the altar. It is time she take matters into her own hands. Gwen transforms herself from a sweet, nice girl into a wild, wanton woman.

Alexander Ramsey is Gwen’s late brother’s best friend. He is known as a bit of a rogue. It is because of Alex’s reputation that Gwen comes to him for a favor. She wants him to teach her how to be a woman men desire. What Gwen doesn’t know is that Alex has fallen for Gwen because she is so nice.

If being a little bad gets you the attention of a guy like Alex, then I want to be bad too. The things that Gwen did to irritate Alex was funny. Just when I thought something was funnier then the last, Gwen would do something else that was just as funny if not funnier. The whole time I was read, I had a smile on my face. Gwen was not spoiled but likable. Alex had personality and was not dull. It was great to have characters that I could enjoy reading about. If you are in the mood to be a little wicked then you should pick up a copy of Wicked Becomes You. You won’t be sorry!


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