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The grey Grey Cloud
By Manjula Naraynan

The third and final children's book in Manjula Naraynan's wonderful Colour Trilogy reveals how the sadness of a little grey cloud, unable to overcome his fear of thunder and lightening, is turned to joy when he learns how to have confidence in himself and enjoy the brighter side of life.

Chennai, India - May 18, 2010 - Life was tough for The grey Grey Cloud. A tiny cloud up there in the vast, wild sky, he found himself constantly scared of the big, black darkness, of the rumbling thunder, the flashes of lightening and the terrible, stormy winds. All the grey Grey Cloud could do was cry; cry about his fears and his solitude. The very sad thing was that even when the sky was bright and beautiful, when the birds sang cheerfully and the sun shone brilliantly, our grey Grey Cloud kept on crying. And as he wandered lonely across the skies, this forlorn little cloud shed tears across the Earth, quite inconsolable was his sadness.

One fine day a Silver Fairy saw the grey Grey Cloud crying and offered to help him dry his tears. But she was at a loss as to how to make him smile and see that life was not frightening or lonely at all. Mustering all the might of her magical powers, our Fairy friend began to teach the grey Grey Cloud the ways in which to find a happy positive feeling in even the scariest of situations. She opened his clouded eyes to all the beauty in the world and taught him to turn the bad into good. Soon the grey Grey cloud realizes that every cloud indeed has a silver lining!

In The grey Grey Cloud, her third book for children and the final installment in her fabulous Colour Trilogy - in which she associates various colours with the positive and negative emotions of her characters - the writer and illustrator Manjula Naraynan delivers bite-sized pearls of wisdom that are perfect for the under threes to digest and understand. Her charming stories and vibrant illustrations are utterly enchanting, and allow very young children to absorb more adult issues, helping them to develop key skills such as empathy and patience, allowing them to establish more sophisticated, caring relationships with children and grown ups alike. Naraynan's books are uniquely attractive, simultaneously aiding a child's emotional education whilst radiating pure joy and celebration.

The grey Grey Cloud follows Naraynan's two other successful children's books, The green Green Pear and The red Red Car both of which showcase her exceptional ability to capture the imaginations of her young audience as well as winning the approval and praise of their parents. Put simply, Manjula Naraynan's books have quickly become life affirming favourites.

About the book:

The grey Grey Cloud by Manjula Naraynan

ISBN: 978-1449085070

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Date of publish: Feb 22, 2010

Pages: 32

S.R.P.: $14.49

About the author:

Manjula Naraynan is a writer and illustrator from Chennai in Southern India. A graduate in Corporate Secretaryship from the University of Madras, she is passionate about writing and illustrating for children, creating stories that will be truly beneficial during those key early years of development.

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