He is my Enemy Lover

Jax Cassidy works for an organization known as L.O.S.T. otherwise known as Last Option Special Team. Jax has been assigned the task of taking out and eliminating Senator Joseph Lazarus. To get to Senator Lazarus, she will first have to go through Marcus Cross.

Marcus Cross is a trained sniper, who used to be Special Ops. Marcus was left for dead n the desert but was given a second change at a new life, when he met Lazarus. Lazarus is a very powerful vampire and Marcus’s maker. Lazarus heads up a group called The Solution. The Solution’s mission is to run the White House.

Jax knows she has this task under control. Though, she never expected to experience such strong feelings towards Marcus.

Enemy Lover is dark, sensual, and a sin to read…it is so good! The way Jax and Marcus interacted with each other was like a hot, salsa dance. Jax is one strong woman, who is not afraid to kick some butt. My only issue is that she seemed to fall for Marcus pretty quickly. Of course, though I can’t blame her as he is easy on the eyes. This book packed quite a punch. The vampires in this book were more like humans. This is a quick read.

Enemy Lover falls more into the urban fantasy category. So if you like more kick in your books, then you should check out this book. Enemy Lover will make you want one of your own. Karin Harlow has no where to go but up!


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