Talking with Georgia Evans

Hello, I’m Georgia Evans (among other names) and want to thank Cheryl for inviting me to come and blog about one of my favorite fictional creatures: vampires.

What’s the appeal of the sexy vampire hero?

Not too hard to work that one out: He’s the ultimate dark and dangerous hero. A veritable walk on the wild side accomplished safely within the pages of a book. The vampire is the bad boy without parallel. No matter how desperate your mother might be to see you settled down and married you know darn well, she doesn’t want to bringing home a dead man. It’s not just the danger and wildness , of course. There’s the sex. A man who never gets tired, doesn’t fall asleep afterwards and, after a few hundred years, he’s definitely leaned a thing or two.

Above all though, the vampire romantic hero is FUN. I’ve had a fantastic time with the vamp heroes - and heroines - in my Rosemary Laurey ‘Forever’ books- and a number of short stories and novellas I’ve written on the side. In fact I have two ‘Rosemary’ shorts coming out this fall: ‘Nightwalker’ in the MIRA anthology “Loves me, Loves me Not” and ‘Into the Mists Forever’ in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance.

However... my ‘Bloody’ books written under my new pen name, Georgia Evans, took a completely different twist. At my editor’s request I made the vampires the villains of the piece and talk about a rip roaring change of pace. I took all the vampire speed, strength, mind power and endurance and bundled them up for the benefit of my German spies, adding flying ability so they wouldn’t have to bother with burying their parachutes once they landed. Their only weaknesses are wood, and a susceptibility to magic. But since they have no idea that a single inhabitant of Brytewood is anything other than a mere mortal, (‘peasant’ is the vamps’ preferred epithet) there are utterly unprepared and totally perplexed when it becomes apparent that something or someone in Brytewood is killing them off.

What was really interesting was getting deep into the vamps’ heads and remembering they considered themselves the heroes of the action. They were bent on victory, fighting for the Fatherland and striking blows against the enemy whenever they got the chance. The fact that they all had their own plans for the victory. Plans that differed somewhat from those of the German High Command just added to the tangle. In the beginning they consider themselves invincible and are totally confident that they will prevail. They don’t. Seems the German High Command picked the wrong village.

As for my magical, paranormal and variously shape-shifting villagers, one by one they have to ‘come out’ and work together to defeat the enemy that becomes more ruthless and desperate as the trilogy progresses.

No spoilers, but suffice it to say, the vampires didn’t succeed. The invasion never came off. That bit is History. The rest is fiction.


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