Hedge Fund Wives

Marcy and her husband, John Emerson are packing up and leaving their hom in the Windy city of Chicago and heading for New York City. John has been offered a really good job for a hedge fund company called Zenith Capital.

Now Marcy is being invited to some of the biggest parties including a baby shower for one of the other hedge fund wives. Caroline is the happy mother to be but don't go congratulating her as she is having the baby by surrogate. While attending the shower, Marcy meets Jillian Lovern Tischman, another one of the wives. She tells Marcy that there are different catgories of hedge fund wives.

There are the Accidentals, the ones who didn't plan on becoming hedge fnd wives but did when their hudbands got jobs in the market of hedge funds. Then there are the Westminsters, the ones who were born into this type of lifestyle. There is the Stephanie Seymours, the bitches of the bunch. They treat everyone including their husbands like dirt and are allowed to get away with it. We also have the Former Secretary, the ones who of course are the secretaries for the men who work for hedge funds and later become hedge fund wives. Watch out for their claws as they will do everything they can to hold onto their men. Then you have the Socialites, the name explains them all. The last two types of wives are the Workaholics and the Breeders. The Breeders are the stay at home mommies but don't think just because they pop out kids they don't demand respect. They own all the latest baby items from all the famous baby designers.

Marcy can't stand any of the women. She is used to working and can't wrap her brain around justifying spending Three thousand dollars per plate for dinner. As time passes, Marcy get used to her new lifestyle and can't imagine going back to her old life. Marcy just may have to when John dumps her for another hedge fund wife.

Hedge Fund Wives is Tatiana Boncompagni's second novel. I loved Mrs. Boncompagni's first novel Gilding Lily about a group of socialities who strive for fame and fortune. Now these types of books who not appeal to my taste but Tatiana writes these books so well that you won't have to worry about the characters coming off as vamp, airless, square characters. No in fact the characters in these books are fun to read about. Marcy was my favorite. Even though she had lots of money, she still wanted to work and never took advantage of anyone. I don't know how hedge fund husbands act but if they act like their wives then John has his part down pat. Hedge Fund Wives is another winner for Titiana Boncompagni. I can't wait to read her next novel.


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