Bloody Good Time

The Nazi's are planning an attack on England. They have dropped off four of their operatives. Their names are Gerhardt Eiche, Wilhelm Bloch, Hans Weiss, and Paul Schmidt. It might be a little hard to spot these Nazi's as they are ...vampires!

There is a slight change in plans, when the plane the vamps are on starts nose diving and they have to bail out in the small town of Brytewood.

Dr. Alice Doyle comes upon a man badly wounded. He has fallen out of a tree. She takes him back home and patches him up. When no one is looking he disappears.

Peter Watson is an ambulance driver. He also happens to be both Alice's new assistant and lover. Peter is more of a lover then a fighter.

When a local farmer dies, Alice suspects something is up. She wonders about the newcomer and his connection to the farmer's death. When the situtation arises for a hero to stand up an fight, will Peter help Alice?

Bloody Good is the first book in this trilogy. Alice may seem like an unlikely heroine but she is tough. I like her take charge attitude. Who surpised me is Peter. While he is quiet and kind-hearted, he seems kind of on the wimpy side. Hopefully that will change in the next novel. Plus the romance between Peter and Alice is just ok. Though other than these factors, I really did like this book. Georgia Evans seems like she has a winner on her hands with this trilogy that consists of Bloody Good, Bloody Awful and Bloody Right.


Dar said…
This sounds like such a fun read. I was supposed to receive this one but never did. Glad you liked it.
Anna said…
I thought it was a fun book, but I didn't care for the explicit sex scenes. I bought the second book in the trilogy but haven't read it yet.

I hope it's okay that I linked to your review on War Through the Generations.

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