A Little Light Magic

Victoria "Tori" Morgan wants to open her new age shop Destiny's Gate in the home she inherited but first she needs to fix it up.

Nick Santangelo is a contractor. He also has a seventeen year old daughter named Leigh. When his secretary Doris begs him to help out Tori, Nick agrees to at least go out and check out the place. When he arrives and sees how bad a shape the place is in, he tells Tori that she would be better off dumping the place. One thing that Nick is unprepared for is Tori's beauty. He tells Tori that his crew is too busy to take on any more work and leaves. About a year ago, Tori was given a bundle of magical candles but a witch. Tori figures it couldn't hurt to light one as she is desperate to help. She lights a white candle. Before she knows it, Nick comes walking back through the door and informs Tori that he will take on the job himself. He will come in the evenings.

Tori has been having some really bad pains. She goes to the doctor and is told that she has three options: She can either have surgery, take hormone pills or have a baby. Tori ops for choice number three but there is just one problem...Tori is single. Will Nick be the man for Tori?

My favorite person in this book is Luke's grandmother, Noona. Her favorite pastime is shoplifting expensive merchandise. Tori is like a wild child. SHe moves to the ruthum of her own music, whereas Nick is a rule follower. I like that Tori was able to get Nick to loosen up. Though I do feel a little bad for Nick having to put up with three women all the time...his mother, his daughter and his grandmother. For a light summer read, I recommend this book.


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