Certain Jeopardy

Sergeant Major Eric Moyer, Staff Sgt. Pete Rasor, Sgt. First Class J.J. “Colt Bartley, Master Sgt. Rich “Shaq” Harbison, Jose Medina, the medic, and Martin Caraway are a team of Special Ops. They have been with each other for a long time. They consider themselves brothers.

Everyone was enjoying their time off when they are called up. Colonel MacGregor informs the men that they have received information that Al-Qaeda is planning on setting up a training facility that would recruit terrorists. All Colonel MacGregor wants the men to do is go on a recon mission to either confirm or deny if Al-Qaeda is really setting up a facility. Sounds simple enough but of course we all know that plans, even the most thought out ones can go astray.

Dr. Hector Cenobio has recently become really famous with his techniques on how to reuse nuclear waste. Suddenly he finds himself in a dangerous situation involving some very bad men. Dr. Cenobio must do as he is asked or his family will be killed. Now Moyer, Rasor and the rest of the men have a new mission…to save a family. To do so the men may have to take an innocent life in order to stop Certain Jeopardy.

I like the fact that this group of men are so close and they have each other’s backs, through thick or thin. From the first page to the last page the action doesn’t let up. The storyline is believable and the characters are heartfelt. No matter how difficult the times got, these men never gave up on their faith in God. I picked up this book and started reading it and in a matter of a few hours I had finished it. Captain Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky make a good duo.


Heidi V said…
Sounds like a great read thanks for sharing your review!
Linda Jacobs said…
Every once in a while I love a good "war" novel. This started when I was a teenager and read Battle Cry by Leon Uris.

After reading your review, I think it might be time for another one!
Stopping by to check out what's going on! :)

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