How to Score

Samantha “Sammi” Matthews needs help desperately. At first glance you would have to stop and wonder why a beautiful woman would need any help but looks can be deceiving. Sammi is a walking tornado. In her wake, she has left bodies of men bruised and mangled from her klutziness. It is not like Sammi wants to hurt men but it just happens and that is why she needs help. She is hoping that by hiring a life coach that she can break this spell of bad luck.

When FBI Special Agent Chase Jones’s brother, Luke witnesses a shooting involving the mob, he is put in the Witness Protection Program for safekeeping till the trial. Luke can’t leave his clients hanging, so Chase offers to pretend to be Luke, just until the trial is over. Besides how hard can it be to talk on the phone and give advice to people? That is till he hears Sammi’s voice.

One of my favorite characters has got to be Horace. Horace is a grown man, who still lives with his mother. He wants to move out but is afraid to. The one thing Horace has going for him is that he aspires to be the first rapping accordion player. I couldn’t stop laughing between Horace’s raps and Sammi’s antics. The chemistry that Sammi and Chase shares is like a fire-cracker...they are pretty to look at but watch out if you get to close or they can be dangerous. You will have a hard time stopping. Robin Wells brings the roar-out-laughs in How to Score.


Great review! This book sounds hysterical!
Cheryl said…
Thanks. This book is really funny.

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