Come on an adventure with Arint Saratir

Airsing works as a welder. He makes swords. All of Airsing's life, he never really felt like he belonged anywhere. One thing Airsing did feel in his heart is what he was destined for greatness but he didn't know where or when that time might be. A man by the name of Tolkien comes to pick up his sword. He tells Airsing that Dark Times are coming. On evening, Airsing awakes to a woman's voice calling him. Airsing goes to investigate and to his surprise learns that the voice belongs to a dragon. Her name is Syocer. She informs Airsing that he is her rider. He was chosen centuries ago. He is now needed to help fight against the Syfrin.

When Xavier was a little boy, his mother was killed by the Syfrin and his father became one. In fact his father is the commander of King Arkt's army. To make matters worse, Xavier is being held prisoner. Xavier escapes. He ends up meeting Airsing. Together they form a alliance to battle the Syfrin.

Footnotes are ok but in this case there was so many that it made it a little hard to fully enjoy the story. On one hand I liked that Taylor gave me a description of the characters as this gave me a vivid image of what was going on but on the other hand I didn't really need to know what every character looked like, whether they be the main or secondary characters. The story moved somewhat fast in the beginning that it took me till the end of chapter two to figure out the plot and what parts Airsing and Xavier played. What I did enjoy about this book was that it combined elements from both Eragon and The Lord of the Rings. I do applaud Ms. Beiser on her great efforts on writing and producing this debut novel at a young age.


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