Bound to Please

Ruby Scott works as an event planner. At first glance you won’t believe that Ruby has a kinky side to her. Her ex-boyfriend was into S&M but on the lighter side. When they did have sex it was so…vanilla. Ruby would like to be more on the wild side but just hasn’t found anyone till now.

While at one of her events, Ruby and her friend Meg get on the discussion of sex. Meg is looking to spice things up with her husband Emmett. Ruby makes the comment to Meg that she will be her tour guide into the wonderful underworld of kink. It just so happens that the most gorgeous guy Ruby has ever laid eyes on overhears her.

Mark St. Crow is the lead singer of The Dark Riders, a fairly new band that is slowly becoming hot stuff. Mark can’t believe his ears when he hears Ruby offering to be a tour guide into the world of kink. Ruby sounds like his type of woman as Mark happens to be a collector of erotic art work. Mark plans to show Ruby just how much fun S&M can really be and he isn’t no vanilla!

When you imagine bad boy musicians, Mark fits into that category. He not only has the look but he is also a tiger in the bedroom. I really like that Ruby broke out of her shell and became more adventurous as the story progressed. If you are looking to add some spice to your life, then you have got to treat yourself to a copy of this book. I hope to read more by this talented author.


Stopping by to catch up and see what you've reviewed! :)
Cheryl said…
Thanks for stopping by.
carolsnotebook said…
And a bad boy musician, too. Sounds worth checking out.

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