John Hutchinson is a journalist for the Denver Post and a avid bow hunter. While out with his girlfriend and her son, he receives a phone call from a Dr. Dorian Nichols. Dr. Nichols rambles on about they are all dead...meaning his family. He tells John that the police are after him and that he didn't kill them. What he says next really gets John's attention. He implements that Brendan Page is somehow involved.

Brendan is a billionaire military industrialist, who John has been trying to bring down since the incident in Canada involving Declan going rogue. Declan went on a killing spree. Page's latest top secret project is training soldiers for his Quick-Response Black Ops "QRBO" project. QRBO are teams of four who's goal is to move in quickly, eliminate the target and get back out. Page's training of soldier's consists of having them go through a vitural reality simulation training program. The catch is that the bullets are real and so is the blood.

I picked up this book not realizing that it was the next book in a long of books to feature John Hutchinson. I did not have a problem with this but I did have a problem with the fact that this story incorpated events that happened in what I can guess to be the prior story. I could pick up that there was history between Page and Hutch that involved events that took place in Canada. This was brought up a lot through out the story. It drove me crazy as I was trying to figure out what happened but couldn't till about half way into the book. Then I had a pretty good idea of what transpired. Having said all this, Deadlock is the first book I have read by this author and it won't be the last.


carolsnotebook said…
Sounds like a series to start at the beginning.

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